PetSitters har adskillige gange passet vores to hunde når vi har været ude og rejse. Susanne ankommer altid som aftalt, og vi overlader trygt både hunde, hus og bil til hende. Hun sørger for hundenes rutiner, og de føler sig trygge og glade ved hende. Hun opdaterer os løbende om hvordan tingene står til. Under en gåtur forleden i skoven mødte vi tilfældigt Susanne med en af sine andre kunders hunde. Så snart vores hunde så Susanne løb de hende imøde. Det er vel den bedste anbefaling vi kan give Susanne - at se hvor glade vores hunde var for at se hende igen. Hun gør et fantastisk job med vores "børn". 


Thank you so much for watching our dog and two cats! Susanne was great with our pets, and they really enjoyed her visits! When our dog wouldn't eat the low quality dog food available to us Susanne told us where to get better food and helped us find one he would eat. Thank you for taking such good care of our furry babies! It really put our minds at ease knowing they are in such good hands.



Susanne took care of our two dogs, a wheaten terrier and a cocker spaniel, for about five days while we travelled abroad. The entire experience was very reassuring and I would highly recommend her services. She came to meet our two dogs and gain familiarity with our home and dog arrangements a couple weeks before the trip and instantly got along with both dogs. She carried out the interview in a professional manner and after a discussion about our normal routines (food, walking, watering, sleeping, etc) I came away with confidence that she understood exactly what we, and the dogs, were looking for. When we got off our flight we had a text message waiting which let us know that all was well at home giving us peace of mind that the dogs were in great hands. She was even able to coax our wheaten, who is a picky eater, to eat regularly while we were away. The trip went well and we came home to two healthy, enthusiastic dogs. When Susanne came to drop off the keys a few days later the dogs went crazy at the sound of her voice and came running over to her. Seeing such happy customers furthered out thoughts that we'd made a good decision.

Further, we were only in our current place for a month before having to travel so Susanne took the time to help us get to know the resources in our neighborhood and even helped us translate Denmark's Dog Registration policy. She consistently met and exceeded all our expectations and we just hope she does not get so popular that we have a hard time scheduling her services when we travel in the future.

C & E

I have known Susanne for almost a year now, and I know that she is completely dedicated to providing the best care possible to your pet. She is responsible, caring and very hard working! I would trust her with my cat with no hesitation whatsoever.